Which Country Has The Biggest Penis?

Dick Size Urinal

Targetmap has created a colour coded map of the world by penis size. Who really has the biggest dick then huh?

Targetmap have kindly put together a colour coded map of the world by dick size, which is information I’m sure everyone wanted. Don’t act like you didn’t because you clicked on it and you’re here right now, we got you.

You can check out the maps below. The darker the green, the bigger the dick. The redder the shade, the smaller the dick. No surprises really that China comes out with the smallest penises and the biggest ones are found in Africa. Kinda funny how the United States and Russia don’t really have anything to crow about though – that probably explains why they’re both always trying to start wars with each other and beef with each other. Probably why China is desperate to become the next big superpower as well, whereas every other nation seems content to just chill and get on with it.

Who would have thought that geopolitics could come down to something as simple as the size of your dick?

FYI – the grey nations on the map are unaccounted for, so if any of you ladies (or guys) are heading to any of them anytime soon let us know what you find out. The data was sourced from Men’s Health by the way, so you know it’s deadly accurate too.

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