This Is What The World Is Jerking Off To

Jerking Off

Ever wonder what people in different countries spend their days jerking off over? Well now you can find out thanks to a swell new infographic from PornMD.

This has got to be the coolest thing that has happened in smut since Two Girls One Cup. Basically there’s apparently a smut search engine called PornMD – don’t look at me, I’ve never even heard of it before today – which is apparently part of the network of free smut sites – again I got no idea about this either – and they’ve released this really cool interactive map that allows you to check out the most searched terms on the site for what people are getting their rocks off to.

And it’s actually really awesome, especially when you search for really weird countries. Admittedly so called ‘normal’ countries throw up terms that are fairly generic like ‘teen,’ ‘college’ and ‘milf’ and ‘creampie’ which are the top terms for most American states as you can see below for the example of Texas. These are replicated by Britain although ‘British’ and ‘Indian’ are the two most searched for terms over here, which probably says something about the link between racism and pornography in this country.

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That’s all fairly boring and standard stuff, but it’s when you check out the stats for some of the more weird countries in the world that you really start to see some freaky shit. For example, the number one term in Romania is ‘mom and son.’ Er what!?!? Remind me to not visit Romania with my mom any time soon if that’s the kind of shit that gets people off over there.

Other great contributions include Syria with ‘aunt’ and ‘doctor anal’ – I don’t know which is more confusing here: that people collectively as a nation seem to sexually fantasise about their aunts or that there is something called ‘doctor anal,’ although I’m getting the feeling that if I actually knew anything about smut then that’s probably a fairly common term. Anyone want to help me out with explaining that one?

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Ukraine and Iran both throw up another couple of weird terms – what the hell do ‘raincoat (gay)’ and ‘hotel businessman (gay)’ mean? Also, over in Finland you may or may not be surprised to notice that they’re pretty into granny smut and the same goes with Turkey and rape smut. I think the Turkish one was probably easier to predict out of those two to be honest.

Here’s a selection of screengrabs of some of the weirdest sexual preferences from around the world. Some of them might surprise you. If you want to check the map out yourself you can find it HERE.

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Smut Trends Screengrab 1

Smut Trends 2

Turkish Smut Trends

Porn Trends Ukraine

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