Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Steal Justin Bieber’s Girl From Right Underneath His Nose

Leonardo DiCaprio Steals Justin Bieber's Girl

Crushing life once again.

It’s been well documented on the site that Leonardo DiCaprio is regularly crushing life and that he also has no time for Justin Bieber, and he just proved this again by absolutely annihilating the little scrote at Rihanna’s Met Gala after party.

Tyga managed to capture the moment below on his Snapchat, where Justin Bieber is hanging out dancing like a dork trying to impress this chick only for Leo to swoop in and start whispering in her ear. It probably only took him introducing himself for her to get completely wet and to immediately forget that Justin Bieber was even in the room.

The absolute best part of the video though is the knowing look Leo gives the camera after he’s started talking which basically says ‘yeah I know I’m an absolute killer, don’t worry about it’. Everyone watching this video knows it’s 100% true as well. Baller.

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