The US Just Dropped The ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ On An ISIS Target In Afghanistan

This thing is no joke.

The US has officially dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb it has in its arsenal on an ISIS target in a remote part of northeast Afghanistan.

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Four US officials with direct knowledge of the mission confirmed the US had dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, aka the “Mother of All Bombs” or “MOAB,” over the Achin district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, which borders Pakistan.

The thing weighs in at 21,000 lbs and creates a blast radius stretching A MILE in each direction.

Great if you’re the US, not go great if you’re the target:

Here’s another one causing utter destruction in Yemen:

Each MOAB costs $14.6 million, so yeah… let’s hope they’re using them in the right locations.

For an eye-opening map displaying where Barack Obama dropped each of his 26,000 bombs, click HERE.


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