5 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Asda

The other day someone was kicked out of Asda for shopping while wearing a Nazi uniform. Here’s 5 things you should definitely avoid doing in-store if you don’t want to be shown the exit.

5. Hide Pens Inside Packets Of Food

graham hoodless


68-year-old Graham Hoodless last year waged a 9-week campaign of revenge against Asda by hiding pens inside packets of food, which was only clocked after several customers discovered them when preparing food at home. This was Graham’s payback after the Petersborough branch accused him of defacing newspapers inside the store. You show ‘em mate!

Asda eventually checked out their CCTV from the store and found Graham hovering suspiciously over different food items, including fish, bread, meat, cakes, cheese and ready meals.

Hoodless had to pay Asda £694.50 in damages and was banned for two years. Off to Lidl he goes.

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