5 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Asda

The other day someone was kicked out of Asda for shopping while wearing a Nazi uniform. Here’s 5 things you should definitely avoid doing in-store if you don’t want to be shown the exit.

3. Suggestive Yoghurt Smearing

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Eastenders’ Shona McGarty aka Whitney Dean – the beaut – was booted out of Asda last year while shopping with co-star Matt Lapinskas aka Anthony Moon, for “suggestively smothering herself” in yoghurt. Why can’t she do that on Eastenders?

One mum said: “It was disgusting. He was opening up pots and throwing it around. Then the girl started to smear it over herself in a suggestive manner. I had my kids aged 10 and nine with me and they don’t need to see that happening in the shopping aisles of Asda”.

Asda quipped: “This isn’t us being Albert squares. As with any customer found to be causing a ruckus in our stores, we politely asked the culprits to leave so they didn’t offend other shoppers.”

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