Here’s David Attenborough Narrating Pokémon Go

David Attenborough Pokemon Go

It had to happen sooner or later.

Pokémon Go has been absolutely smashing it in the few weeks that it’s now been available for people to play and it makes sense that somebody would cut up footage of someone playing it with David Attenborough narrating it because nobody narrates nature footage like David Attenborough right? And unfortunately it looks like Pokémon might be evolving into a form of nature at this rate.

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The video comes courtesy of the guys over at Lovin Dublin, and they’ve done a pretty good job of matching up some great Attenborough lines with Pokémon. Enjoy:

Yeah, I mean I can believe that Charmander was one of the deadliest predators on the planet before humans picked up weapons. It makes a lot of sense.

To be honest, if Pokémon Go needed to get any bigger (don’t really think it does at the moment), it would probably be a pretty sweet idea to get Attenborough in to narrate a Pokémon advert. Shit would definitely go viral and make the game even bigger than it currently is now. They probably won’t ever need to do that though considering it’s almost certainly a billion dollar industry already.

For more David Attenborough, check him out narrating an Adele music video. Just as good.


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