Video Footage Emerges Of President Obama’s Daughter Exposing Her Butt And Twerking Like Crazy

Grounded 4 LIFE.

If you thought Barack Obama freaked out when he busted daughter Malia sending selfies to rapper Joey Bada$$, just wait till he gets a load of this footage.

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18-year-old Malia was spotted having a whale of a time at Lollapalooza over in Chicago this week, at one point pulling up her shorts to give everyone a look at her Presidential booty:

Live look at Barack Obama:



Obviously this is totally valid behaviour from an 18-year-old, so good on Malia for getting stuck in like a normal girl her age. Can’t be easy being the daughter of the President of the USA after all, especially during your teen years. Surprised she isn’t in A&E getting her stomach pumped to be honest.

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