Paedo Mum Jailed For Making Homemade Porn Videos With Her 14-Year-Old Son

Phone in hand

Too disturbing for words.

A woman has been jailed for making homemade porn videos with her 14-year-old son.

The unnamed mum-of-four sent the clips of full blown sex to her cousin over in Pakistan, along with offensive images of her three-year-old daughter. This woman sounds beyond fucked up. Feel so bad for her kids.

She was eventually caught out after one of her daughters saw the footage on her son’s phone, who has since said:

I worry about my mum.

Prosecutor Ian Kolvin said about the videos:

She was telling him to take the video. It shows full intercourse.

It showed the son with his naked mother, rubbing her breasts and vaginal area.

What’s maybe even more messed up is the fact that she only made the videos to please the cousin who she sent them to, as they had put a request in. What sort of family is this?

In a statement, her son said:

I feel upset and ashamed of what she did. She should not have done it but I miss her very much.

The mum has been charged and is going down for five years, which doesn’t sound much considering she’s quite literally messed up her son for life.

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