A Tesla On Autopilot Ploughed Into An Overturned Truck On The Motorway At Full Speed


Kinda nice here to not think about Coronavirus or Black Lives Matter for a second and focus on some of the other problems in the world, this time turning our attention to Tesla and their autodrive cars.

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Obviously these already haven’t been without their problems in the past, but the footage below is particularly unsettling as we’ve been led to believe that the autopilot function on the car is pretty much infallible. Doesn’t look like this is the case at all, as one of them in Taiwan ploughed pretty much at full speed into an overturned lorry on the National Highway 1 near the Zhongshan High Chiayi Water Section today. You really think that they would be able to avoid something like that, don’t you?

You can check out the distressing footage below:

Damn. Thankfully the 53 year old driver wasn’t hurt and neither was anyone else, but even though this is a major anomaly – and you have to think that the driver should really have noticed what was happening as he is supposed to be keeping his eyes on the road and ready to jump in if needs be –it’s still a concerning piece of footage and a bad look for the company.

The fact is that if something is marketed as self driving, then an element of complacency is going to creep in with the drivers so if that thing really isn’t going to be able to look after itself then you probably need to be told straight up. Hopefully this video will warn people that they need to keep their eyes on their road, but I feel like it’s probably one of those things where everyone thinks it probably won’t happen to them so they won’t bother, like smoking. Just be warned though.

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