New Meerkat Advert Got Us Thinking Of More Annoying Adverts

Meerkat Robert Webb

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The Co-Operative Food

Unbelievable. It’s bad enough having to put up with Christmas adverts in October but this effort from the Co-Op takes the piss, pisses on you then swiftly takes your piss-sodden clothes.

Whatever they were smoking in their sales meeting when they came up with this idea, we want some. Obviously, the one thing you can’t do without when it’s touching 30 degrees outside is a festive rendition of Andy Williams and a child making snow angels (sand angels actually but the principle is the same).

Funnily, the advert has already caused backlash from Co-Operative’s own employees as radio versions of this ring out in sweltering food stores throughout the UK. It is poor to subject the general public to this, but putting it on your own staff when working in the Co-Op is miserable enough is bordering on cruelty.

Sky Plus, The BBC, the mute button and the off switch… we salute you.

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