New Meerkat Advert Got Us Thinking Of More Annoying Adverts

Meerkat Robert Webb

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Santander 123 Current Account

I can just about tolerate being greeted with a characterless welcome devoid of any soul and delivered with as much conviction as a Hollyoaks actor when I return to my place of residence, as I’m sure is the case for many of us on a daily basis. Likewise I don’t object to sporty running-type girls approaching me in the street in order to make me feel validated by society.

But then I’m in my own home and HOLY SHIT IT’S THE BOOGEYMAN… false alarm it’s merely pube-headed waxwork figurine golf boy Rory McIlroy offering up some friendly advice on interest rates. Thank god for that… put down my fruit please.

This ad demonstrates why celebrity endorsements should be used sparingly, or better yet not at all. Clearly, when done just for the sake of it the concept becomes ridiculous, sinister and really fucking annoying.

Incidentally, I fail to understand why Jenson Button needs to be suited in full race gear for this appearance seeing as pretty much everyone knows his face anyway. Suppose Tom Daley was a Santander puppet, he’d answer the door in his Speedos and the couple in this ad would be put on the sex offenders’ list for grooming a minor against his will.

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