New Meerkat Advert Got Us Thinking Of More Annoying Adverts

Meerkat Robert Webb

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Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

I’m pretty sure this one has been around for a while though is seemingly now appearing more frequently, this is bad news if you are easily irked. It perhaps isn’t an obvious choice but it is still annoying and justification will now follow.

“Last year, it sold over two million bottles in Germany alone. To find out why head down to Boots.” Go on then, head down to Boots and ask them why because I guarantee each and every staff member in that place won’t have a fucking clue. They’ll more than likely stare at you in a bemused daze trying to recall what the non-existent Alpecin handbook told them. When they figure this out they’ll probably resort to reading the bottle.

It turns out Alpecin is actually supposed to stimulate faster hair growth – as it claimed in a previous version of this advert. A possible scenario is that Trading Standards told them to omit this statement as there’s no actual proof it makes hair grow any faster and more likely it’s a complete load of bollocks.

Naturally Alpecin also play on the whole ‘German engineering’ thing to generate interest as we all know anything made in Germany must be good. Well Zyklon B was a product of German engineering and that didn’t turn out particularly well.

Annoying adverts with similar vague sales tactics – take note and go away.

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