New Meerkat Advert Got Us Thinking Of More Annoying Adverts

Meerkat Robert Webb

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Go Compare

Never before have I wished I was simultaneously blind and deaf than when this screeching arsehole appeared on TV screens over three years ago. Go Compare played on the fact that their ads were intentionally annoying with a series of elaborate reincarnations in increasingly ridiculous settings with him belting out that moronic song each time to piss you off at periodic intervals throughout your day.

The next phase of ads consisted of equally annoying z-list celebrities trying to blow the guy up in some shoddy reverse-psychology marketing ploy to try and win you over whilst continually hammering the words ‘Go Compare – saving the nation’ into your sorry little cranium. Needless to say he didn’t die and it didn’t work.

Evidently not content with making everyone suffer, today’s Go Compare man is revealed to be a boring whiny bloke parading a series of unfunny auditions in front of fake marketing-type people in some vain attempt to justify three years of nauseating hell whilst conveniently keeping the brand synonymous with said moustached dickhead.

At least before Go Compare openly admitted they were being annoying, a fact that renders the new spec adverts the most irritating of the lot. It’s a shame they didn’t deport the brainchild of these ad campaigns for crimes against humanity, I heard Abu Quatada’s plane had a spare seat going.

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