More Crazy Adverts From Japan Featuring Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Another look at Japan’s crazy advertising culture, featuring Tommy Lee Jones!

So it seems we’ve been getting a lot of action by way of YouTube of completely off the wall advertising campaigns from Japan lately.

Most recently  you may have seen our post on Bob Sapp and his advertising antics way out east, and back in February we posted an article about Japanese Commercials HD.

No Wonder The Ads Are Mad: Horny Japanese Teenagers Are Licking Each Other’s Eyeballs

Well I’ve just come across this gem entitled the ‘Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation’ it has a bit of everything from the most blatant use of boobs to sell a product ever, naked sweets getting embarrassed, weird CGI human/animal incarnations, classic Japanese jingles, and my personal favourite, another Tommy Lee Jones masterpiece where he shoots bloody LASERS from his eyes!!!??

Check it out…..

[yframe url=’’]


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