Why American Football Is Better Than Soccer

Addressing the common criticisms levelled at the All-American sport, and why you might end up enjoying it more than Soccer.

4. Game Play Too Slow

Probably the most valid of all the criticisms, there is no denying that this game is characterised by its unusual stop-n-go format. The game is complex, and this frequent time delay allows us to digest fully what each play means in the context of the game – what are the next plays available, what would constitute a big risk – this would all be lost in a non-stop game. Also, due to the fact that there is a dual scoring system (field goal is 3 points or the more difficult touchdown is 6 plus 1 for conversion) there is a strong element of technical strategy involved, which incorporates the time remaining, a team’s opinion of the opponent’s chances of scoring and their own ability of re-scoring. I guess it would be analogous to a skill game such as chess (albeit played with big bruising bishops and rapid rooks instead of poncey pawns), in which most of the satisfaction is in the thinking and in the anticipation of what could and should happen next. How long do you actually spend moving the pieces?

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