Top 5 Ridiculous Red Cards In Football, Ever

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These are some of the most bizarre and weird reasons people have been booked or sent off during a football match ever.

Everyone loves red cards in football (unless they’re given to a member of your team – justly or unjustly) because it’s awesome to see players totally lose their rag and just go for someone or take someone out. Of course, it’s not that cool when someone gets a horrific injury but let’s just forget about that part for now.

However, there are also what could be termed ‘crazy’ red cards and this is what this article is all about. We’re going to discuss some of the craziest red cards ever handed out, and by crazy we mean WTF, why the hell did he get a red/yellow card for that kind of crazy? You won’t believe some of these.

N.B. I was originally going to make this just about red cards but some of these bookings are incredible so I had to include them.


Paulo Diogo

This is just completely ridiculous. Paulo Diogo scored a fairly average tap in in this game but got so stoked on it that he ran over to the fans and tried to climb over the fence to celebrate with them. Unfortunately for him, his wedding ring got caught in the fencing as he was trying to climb over it and ripped the top of his finger off. Ouch.

Following that, he was booked by the referee for excessive celebrating. Sure, getting booked for celebrating with the fans is nothing new, but obviously the fact he ripped his finger off and the referee still followed the rules to the letter of the law make this extra special.

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