Why American Football Is Better Than Soccer

Addressing the common criticisms levelled at the All-American sport, and why you might end up enjoying it more than Soccer.

2. They Wear Pads/Helmets i.e. Pussies

There are a few things wrong with this:

Firstly, just because they wear protection isn’t a reason not to watch it. The rules of tackling are looser than in Rugby, so the hits are bigger and are of infinite variety. Secondly, you need to address the fact that you have underlying sadistic tendencies. If you have ever voluntarily watched a YouTube compilation of ‘BIG RUGBY HITS’ and taken great pleasure in watching large men smash themselves ever closer to permanent brain damage, one big hit at a time, then I am talking to you. I can at least understand this criticism coming from a Rugby or UFC fan (even though it is flawed: NFL suffers from the largest amount of injuries than any other sport), what I cannot accept is this criticism coming from a Soccer fan…


(Strengthening the argument that all professional Divers are bi-curious).

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