Why American Football Is Better Than Soccer

Addressing the common criticisms levelled at the All-American sport, and why you might end up enjoying it more than Soccer.


I could write another 1500 words on the perks of NFL over football, from Cheerleaders to murderous tight ends, alluding to their crimes in touchdown celebrations. It has a spectatorship comparable to the WWF, and we all loved that, right?


(Hernandez has since been convicted of multiple murders, see any clues?)

American Football does not have to be the refuge of British social outcasts who prefer it to Soccer just to be different. Or more annoyingly, those ‘American-istas’, who blindly adopt any diabolical claptrap that they produce Stateside as their own, usually identifiable by their Miami Dolphins jersey with Marino printed on the back because they saw him in Ace Ventura Pet detective.

Soccer and American football are not mutually exclusive, you can appreciate the fast-flowing nature of the game we all grew up playing and watching, or we can equally take enjoyment from learning the intricacies and subtleties of a game we are not yet fully acquainted with.

The NFL has an ever-growing presence in the UK, with regular season games being played in increasing number every year at Wembley, drawing maximum capacity. The appetite is clearly evident for the game this side of the Atlantic, so why not see what all the fuss is about?

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