Why American Football Is Better Than Soccer

Addressing the common criticisms levelled at the All-American sport, and why you might end up enjoying it more than Soccer.

3. Too Many Ad Breaks

There is not nearly as many advertisement breaks in UK coverage of NFL games than the US. Being a relatively green nation to the sport they bombard us with a sea of studio analysis instead – great news for a newbie. Also, despite the advertisements, a majority of this time is taken up by replays. Many decisions are automatically reviewed by video refs, which gives the viewer the luxury of seeing a great feat of athleticism or nous – be it a catch, block or run – a few times over from many different angles, without missing any of the game. In a non-stop sport like Soccer, in the absence of a goal, you would be lucky to see something interesting replayed more than once. This saves you from having to stay up for Match of the Day or peruse YouTube in the vein hope that someone a) has sky-plus, b) rewound it and recorded it on their phone whilst giggling, and c) instantaneously uploaded it under a searchable heading.

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