Alan Partridge’s ‘This Time’ Will Return To The BBC Next Year

Good news.

Again, it’s looking as though at least the start of 2021 will end up being as bleak as most of 2020, but at least people like McDonald’s and the BBC are trying to cheer us up a bit about it by announcing some cool new stuff for the next year.

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McDonald’s already announced their Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets would come into play on December 30th, but now the BBC have revealed that a new series of ‘This Time With Alan Partridge’ will be coming to BBC One and iPlayer next year, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed.

Great news and you would expect that it will be happening sooner rather than later given that the last series was on over a year ago, but I guess they don’t want to rush these things and get everyone’s hopes up. Here’s what Steve Coogan told Digital Spy about the new series:

We’re trying to set ourselves a task of having the stuff on-screen [with the chat show] and then have a kind of parallel unseen story that we get glimpses of, this parallel narrative of what’s going on in [Alan’s] private life and Jennie, his co-presenter’s, private life.

And then, sort of, have those two things go parallel. We haven’t quite realised where it goes but we want it to end up in a strange and unexpected place. That’s all I can say.

Then, after that, we’re going to do some sort of documentary series… we’ll definitely do a documentary series where Alan is on the road.

Well, at least it looks like we’re going to have quite a bit of Alan Partridge in our lives in the future. Still hasn’t cheered me up about 2021 on though, especially as there’s no release date yet. Normally when they do those kinds of teasers though it means that it’s coming in the next couple of months at least. We can but hope.

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