Donald Trump Has Retweeted A Video That Suggests Coronavirus Was Invented To Cost Him Election

This is beyond a parody now.

2020 will definitely be remembered as the year of Coronavirus, but it could also be quite rightly remembered as the year that an unbelievable amount of conspiracy theory videos also flooded the internet and a bizarrely high number of people actually took them seriously.

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Of course, Donald Trump was one of these people and regularly used his Twitter account to spread information that quite clearly wasn’t true, most vocally during his recent campaign to have the fraudulent election overturned without providing any clear evidence for why he thought this was the case. He’s now double downed on this by retweeting a video that suggests Coronavirus was invented solely to facilitate his failure in the election.

Have a look at it and see what you think:

Start with a virus, import it into America, talk about it nonstop, call some governors, put patients into nursing homes, kill thousands, blame the president, keep blaming, blame some more.

Lockdown small business [sic], kill the economy, push mail-in voting, stoke a race war, call for violence pick a candidate, no, not her [Gabbard].

Ignore the economic recovery, downplay the world peace, pump the place.

Yeah I suppose you can argue that video is well made and very convincing and makes you think about it all, but then when you do think about it all you realise that it’s completely ridiculous and outlandish and can’t possible be true. Still find it crazy that the President of the United States is so irresponsible with this crap, but at least we won’t have to deal with that for much longer – at least something good came out of 2020.

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