Each Episode Of The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Set To Be A Feature Length Movie

Game Of Thrones

A solid finisher.

Everybody was pretty bummed when it was announced that the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones was only going to be seven episodes long and the final season after that was going to be just six. Goddammit we wanted ten hours of Game Of Thrones like usual!

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It turns out that it might not actually be that bad though as we’re hearing that every episode of the final season could very well be feature length as we’ll need the extra minutes to wrap up all the loose ends from the storyline. We already know that the season finale this year is going to be 82 minutes, so if we assume that every episode of the final season is going to be around that then it looks like we’re going to be receiving 480 hours of quality television instead of the usual 550. I can live with that if I’m pretty much watching a movie every week.

Unfortunately, this news isn’t directly confirmed by the show yet, we were given hope via the following tweet from some nerd called David Chen who went to a Game Of Thrones convention and heard the sound designer Patricia Fairfield say it was definitely under consideration:

Come on guys, give it to us good one last time next year. Please.

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