A Game Of Thrones Version Of Monopoly Is Coming

Game Of Thrones

Forget winter, Monopoly is coming.

Following on from the excellent The Wire version of Monopoly, HBO have announced that they’ve also now commissioned a version of the popular board game based on Game Of Thrones.

Properties will include classic locations from the show including King’s Landing, Castle Black, Winterfell, whilst you’ll be able to play as a White Walker, a direwolf, a three-eyed raven and the Iron Throne itself. Villages and keeps will take the place of hotels and houses.

The game is set to be released some time in the spring to coincide with the fifth series of the show (which you can see a trailer for here) and is bound to be a big hit with everyone – even people that don’t necessarily like it. I can foresee a lot of people playing this in the afternoon before they all watch new episodes of the show together this year, and it’s probably going to be a lot of fun.


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