Watch A Midget Beat The Crap Out Of A Guy For Dissing His Mum

Majorly owned.

You can’t really diss a guy harder than rinsing his mother or girlfriend, so if you’re gonna pull those insults out of the bag then you had better make sure that you can stick up for yourself as it’s probably only a matter of time until fists start flying.

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Normally, you would probably expect that you could handle yourself if you were coming up against a midget, but unfortunately for the guy in this video, the midget he was coming up against looks as if he was exceptionally hard and skilled at fighting. We don’t see what the dude was saying about the midget’s mum, just the aftermath of the two of them getting into a scrap where the guy has been well and truly owned by the little guy:

Jesus, that has to be embarrassing. Firstly that you even need to use a ‘yo momma’ joke on a midget and secondly that you can’t even own it and defend yourself against the guy when he comes after you.

Truly pathetic from the guy and I doubt his life will ever be the same again, although if there’s one moment of respite for him it’s that you can’t really see the guy’s face in it so at least he isn’t going viral, but you can bet that his family and friends aren’t letting him forget about this in a hurry any time soon. Owned.

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