‘World’s Worst Jeremy Kyle Guest’ Admits To Doing The Unthinkable With His Cousin

What a scumbag.

Jeremy Kyle is world renowned for featuring some of the worst people in history on his show and today’s guest might just have topped the lot.

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Not only is he dating his cousin – which really doesn’t draw enough attention from everyone involved here – but he also wilfully admits to driving whilst banned without insurance, which is something nobody should ever be doing under any circumstances ever. From then on, the whole thing just descends into a farse, but I suppose that’s why we watch Jeremy Kyle in the first place isn’t it?

Geez, what an absolute mess all of these people are eh? Why the hell don’t they wash anymore? Why the hell can none of these people tell the truth or anything? Why the hell would anyone call their kid Macauley?

I really hope those guys sort it out, but I really doubt that any of them will because it seems like such an absolute mess that it’s beyond resolution, even when Jeremy Kyle is on the case. Sad.

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