Here Are 10 Of The Creepiest And Most Disturbing Things Found On The Dark Web

10 Reddit user stories of things found on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is a unique place. I’m sure most people are familiar with its existence by now but it basically involves pages and sites which are both non-indexed and involved in illegal or criminal activity. It is often confused with the Deep Web which simply refers to non-indexed pages on the internet.

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I used to spend hours with mates scoping out the Hidden Wiki and this was back when the Silk Road was very much a thing and lots of other links were still easily visible. It was always such a surreal experience and I always felt like some sort of hacker, although the security measures I took were probably the bare minimum.

Anyone who has visited will know that weird feeling you get just from being on the Dark Web, even as a voyeur and I’m sure everyone has their own tales of what they have found lurking beneath.Reddit asked people to share their scariest tales from their Dark Web explorations and let’s just say I’m thankful I didn’t run into some of these.

Obviously it goes without saying that some of the subject matter isn’t the nicest so continue with caution.

1. An Unusual Business Idea

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I remember a long time ago there was a guy online that was trying to buy large quantities of bed bugs. When questioned why he wanted them he basically said that he wanted to try to breed them to be resistant to normal methods of killing them while simultaneously breeding in a weakness that only he knew. This way he could release them in peoples houses and then force them to pay him to get rid of the bed bugs since no one else would be able to kill them.


So weirdly specific. This sounds like the start of a crappy creature feature movie involving hoards of unstoppable mutated bed bugs. I hope he never managed to find a bulk supplier of bed bugs.

2. Not Quite Hidden Enough

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A friend of mine claims he was snooping around where he didn’t belong (black market forums and hacking forums) when someone private messaged him basically saying “I’ve looked into you because I see you in here a lot and I know you’re not here to buy or use the services because you’re just a kid. I don’t mind but others will and you haven’t protected yourself well enough to be here. Get off if you know what’s good for you.”


I’d nope right outta there after that. There’s a reason these people lurk on the Dark Web and as such are likely to be quite skilled with a computer and so even if you think you’ve protected yourself, they may be able to see you clear as day. Probably best not to make any enemies on the Dark Web if you can help it, we’re just virtual tourists at the end of the day.

3. Framing Service

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Well when I visited I mostly visited the hacking/cyber security part, interesting to see how people go about hacking various things and really educational (yes there are people buying selling zero days etc. but it’s mostly social engineering)

Anyway the scariest was a hacking advertising a “service” where he was willing to upload child porn onto someone’s computer and report him to the police as a form of taking someone out. Well actually the scariest part was discovering that there were at least two people in the chatroom that I was in discussing about kernel security who had used that service.


And this is why you don’t make enemies on the Dark Web. Scary to think someone could be labelled a peadophile and be locked up simply because someone dumps a load of child porn onto their PC without their knowledge. This is almost like a hitman service as although it wouldn’t kill someone, it could certainly ruin their life.

4. Super Adventure Club

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I wandered around in the dark stuff about 10 years ago. Worst I saw was basically the Super Adventure Club from South Park. A bunch of rich people on a forum discussing the best ways to abduct children from different parts of the world, the different kinds of kids they owned, how to keep them hidden and healthy, how young is too young for different sex acts, etc.


Something that is truly terrifying is the sheer number of active members on some of these forums. Let’s hope the FBI/MI6 have managed to apprehend some of these sickos since.

5. Corpse Reviews 

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I used to take pictures of drugs for a local silk road dealer. I was over his house once and he was testing out some onion links and he suddenly said “oh my god, look at this” it was a site where a guy in America would fuck the corpses of dead animals and post his experiences with graphic pictures and descriptions. If you scrolled a bit further you saw he moved onto humans. 


It seems there is a home for literally anything on the Dark Web and necrophiliac reviews are no exception.

6. Children To Order

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I think this was in 2012 or whenever the Silk Road was at its peak. A friend had told me he ordered some MDMA off of it and actually received the package in the mail. I had him show me how he used the program (Tor? I’m bad at computers so I’m not sure if it is a program or not) and we spent the better part of an afternoon marveling at all the stuff you could buy.

Eventually we came across someone who was selling children. The offer was you would list the characteristics of the child you want, and depending on the difficulty of acquiring that type of child, pay somewhere around 5-50k and have the child sent to you. There were pictures of ones he had “in stock” where they mostly naked in a dirty room, or he could go find the certain one you wanted and take it.

We turned off the computer and didn’t get back on for a few days. I wish I had called the police, but we were stupid kids and scared of getting in trouble for my buddy’s drugs.


Unfortunately, a common theme is that peadophiles and predators find ‘communities’ within the Dark Web that allow them to be the monsters they are with scary anonymity.

7. A Place For Incest

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A mother and father pushing their 8-10 year old daughter into having sex with them.


This is short and simply repulsive. There’s something particularly disturbing about predators being your very own parents when they should be the ones keeping you safe from monsters. And the fact they want an audience as evidenced by them posting this for everyone to see. So depressingly disturbing.

8. Animals For Hire

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When I was about 12-13, I used to browse through TOR all night and just scroll through whatever my naive ass could find. Aside from the usual gore and CP that was floating around, I saw this one page that still haunts me now.

This guy ran an animal sanctuary out in Colorado with a bunch of different exotic animals. He would essentially rent them out to people who were into bestiality. Some of those animals looked so miserable, malnourished and chained up in the photos. I didn’t even know what to do with that info at that age and just remember having nightmares about those animals.


As I say, there’s a place for everything on the Dark Web and you can see why as you can’t go casually setting up some rank animal brothel on Craigslist. Some proper sickos about and so sad to think of those poor animals.

9. Pick Your Poison

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One of my friends found a site where you could put in any race/ethnicity and a way to be killed and there would be a video for it. Asian, stabbed to death. Video. Jewish, stoned to death. Video. So on and so forth.


I guess this one is for people with very niche tastes and want to see people of a particular background being killed. Very unnerving, like a Dark Web version of LiveLeak.

10. Gift Givers

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I stumbled upon a place where people with HIV go around and purposely infect others with HIV and then go to this particular site and brag about it. There is a name for it I just can’t remember what it’s called. Pretty sick.


I’d heard about ‘Gift Givers’ and ‘Bug Chasers’ before but only in a consensual context. It was already crazy to think that people wanted to voluntarily infect themselves with HIV but it’s terrifying to know that some people are going out of their way to actively infect unwilling people into contracting HIV. Insane.


It’s our innate human curiosity that drives us to seek out what we don’t ordinarily get to see and the Dark Web is no exception. Even though most people will hopefully never utilise the services available on the Dark Web, it’s disturbing to get even a glimpse of some of the things that are out there.

For a recent Dark Web depraved individual, did you see our recent story about the sicko who wanted to rape and eat a 13 year-old girl?


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