People Staying In Creepy Cabin Discover This Terrifying Message In Guestbook On Arrival

Spooky Cabin

After trekking all the way to an isolated cabin in the middle of the night, this isn’t the kind of message you want to be reading in the guestbook…

A Reddit user named Jasperonius uploaded the below note from the guestbook of an isolated cabin that he and his friends were staying in:

Creepy Isolated Cabin Note

Sure, it’s not that scary reading it now but when you take in the context that they’re sleeping in a cabin in the middle of nowhere then you might start to feel a bit more freaked out. Also the fact that it’s written in multicoloured handwriting by a child only serves to make the whole thing even creepier. Jasperonious explained that the situation was even worse when he first read the book after arriving at the cabin:

What’s worse is we drove up in the pitch blackness of night. Couldn’t even tell what she was referencing… Just drove precariously up the mountain and sat down grateful to be alive and read that.

Amazingly, Jasperonious and his friends manned up and stayed an entire week in the hut. They didn’t spot a black thing hanging in the trees during their trip, but that isn’t to say that one wasn’t watching them. The story kind of sounds like a CreepyPasta, only without the horrendous pay off – if you want to get scared before bed time tonight than check out ten of their most videos right here.


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