Yoko Ono Claims Her Earliest Memory Is Being Inside Her Mother’s Womb

Still crazy after all these years.

At 87 years of age, Yoko Ono AKA The Beatles destroyer has a lifetime of memories to look back on. However she’s baffled everyone on Twitter this week by claiming that her earliest memory is pre-birth. Yup – Yoko Ono reckons she can remember being inside her mother’s womb.

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What an amazing statement. It really seems like she wanted to kick-off a competition of who has the earliest memory and thought she had given an unbeatable answer right off the bat. Well I’m sorry Yoko Ono, but you have truly underestimated the power of the internet on that one. Here are some of the replies she got:

I think she’s been one-upped a few times there. The question is – does Yoko Ono really believe what she’s saying? Remember, she’s 87 years old so there’s a good chance she just forgot to take her medication that morning before getting on Twitter. Then again she’s always been a bit bat shit crazy so respect to her for at least staying true to herself all these years.

Never forget:

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