Riots Have Broken Out In Minneapolis Over The Death Of George Floyd

It’s kicking off.

Yesterday, we bought you the sickening account of how cops had effectively murdered a black man named George Floyd when they arrested him on suspicion of forgery over in Minneapolis and the four police involved were subsequently relieved of their duties.

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As you may have expected, this didn’t go down well with the people of Minneapolis and an absolute shit tonne of them have taken to the streets to protest against the decision not to try the scumbag 5-0 for murder. Last night, these spilled over into full scale riots with buildings being set on fire, people looting shops and police getting into confrontations with protesters.

Obviously with this being 2020, a bunch of videos appeared on Twitter overnight – here’s a few of the highlights:

Jesus. That escalated quickly. Not sure if this is going to help get their point across, but apparently one of the protesters said they didn’t care if people were critical of their methods, they just had to create enough of an issue to draw attention to what was going on so that something is done about it. Whether or not this tactic works remains to be seen. RIP George Floyd.

For more of the same, check out the original George Floyd video. Highly disturbing.


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