Yoko Ono Forces Drink Company To Stop Selling Lemonade Called ‘John Lemon’

Yoko Ono has allegedly forced a soft drink company to change its name ‘John Lemon’, arguing that it infringes on the trademark of her late husband John Lennon.

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The company’s range was launched back in 2012 by a Polish company – the drink is vegan and gluten-free. Despite their good intentions, since Yoko’s interference they’ve been forced to change their name to ‘On Lemon’. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?


Nevertheless, Yoko, 84, is pissed that the company hijacked her late husband’s image and she was upset that the drink was promoted with a picture of him with the line, “let it be”. Wah wah wah.

Apparently she threatened fines of £4,500 a day for using his image and ordered them to recall the bottles. The company said it registered the name “John Lemon” back in 2014, two years before his name was trademarked. It’s ridiculous that anyone’s name is trademarked anyway and even more so that Yoko is kicking off about it. As he would’ve said, let it be.


Still, she won and the company have changed their name. Karol Chamera, whose firm Mr Lemonade distributes the drink to 100 UK cafes, said he initially thought Yoko’s letter was a prank.

The case was ludicrous but we couldn’t afford to fight her.

Well I guess in this case the big man won – if John Lennon were alive, I bet he would’ve let them keep the name.

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