Man Points Out MSNBC Camera Man Isn’t Wearing A Mask During Mask-Shaming News Report (VIDEO)

This is just beautiful.

In what might be one of the best videos of the coronavirus era, an MSNBC news reporter named Cal Perry who was shaming people for not wearing masks was forced to admit on live TV that his own cameraman wasn’t wearing a mask.

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All thanks to some random guy on the street who was eavesdropping on the news report and pointed it out:

Someone else said “half your crew’s not wearing them” as they cut away, which makes it even more hilarious.

No matter what your own thoughts are on the mask debate and the necessity of wearing them at all times in public, you have to appreciate the hypocrisy of this reporter trying to shame people on camera for not wearing masks only to have some random guy turn up and expose his cameraman for doing the same thing. The reporter was so taken by surprise that all he could do was repeat “there ya go, including the cameraman” as he died a little bit on the inside. Well and truly busted.

Immediately cutting to the anchor back in the studio who put on her very serious voice and talked about the “striking images” just makes it even more brilliant. It’s like a Little Britain sketch or something, but of course real life is so ridiculous these days that you can barely even parody this stuff even more.

It’s even better from this angle:

Did MSNBC really think the public would just stand there and be lectured about not wearing masks and take it without exposing them for being utter hypocrites? ‘Do what I say and not as I do’ – seems to be the way a lot of things are being done at the moment.

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