Top 8 Weirdest News Of The Week – #1 Is Insane

Welcome to this week’s world of weird. We’ve got Jesus’ finger, brown bears and haggis. Who could ask for more?

Here’s your quick round up of the weirdest news story to grace god’s green and garish earth this week…

8) Fixing Christ’s Finger

Weird News -  Jesus Finger Brazil

The Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro was hit by lightning last week, as reported by Tim Williams: PHOTOS: Christ The Redeemer Statue Hit By LightningThis week some nutters have been drafted in to sort his finger out. Not for the faint hearted is an understatement. I just puked on my shoe looking at the pictures.

Weird News -  Jesus Finger Brazil 3

Christ received finger and head injuries in the storm and will take a few months to fix. Whilst they’re up there they will install some more lightning rods to prevent it from happening again. Don’t look down!

Weird News -  Jesus Finger Brazil 2

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