Top 8 Weirdest News Of The Week – #1 Is Insane

Welcome to this week’s world of weird. We’ve got Jesus’ finger, brown bears and haggis. Who could ask for more?

7) Brazilian Porcupine Attack

Weird News - Porucpine attack Brazil Sandra Nabucco 2

A woman in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was having a pleasant stroll this week, minding her own bee’s wax when her day suddenly turned rubbish. Sandra Nabucco felt a bang on her head followed by searing pain. She felt her head and “…the pain was enormous”. What had happened?

Basically a clumsy porcupine had been walking along a telephone wire and slipped. It plummeted onto the lady’s head and embedded around 200 quills into her innocent and surprised bonce. The quills are barbed so had to be removed individually by surgeons. Ouch:

Weird News - Porucpine attack Brazil Sandra Nabucco

The woman is being pretty chilled about it, she says she’s just happy she saved the animal’s fall with her head. Personally I would have rather it died than penetrate me hundreds of times. But I guess I’m just selfish.

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