4-Year-Old Finds Packed Weed Pipe In Burger King Kid’s Meal


A 4-year-old got a free weed pipe packed full of hash and weed with his kid’s meal from Burger King.

A Burger King employee stashed a packed weed pipe inside a kid’s value meal box so that his supervisor wouldn’t find it on him. The kid’s grandfather had seen the employee interacting with some dodgy characters outside the restaurant earlier, so they deduced that he must have grown paranoid and hidden the pipe without thinking. “So it ended up inside a 4-year-old’s Kid’s Meal,” said the Dundee, Michigan police chief.

Yet another arrow in the quiver for Burger King in the fast food wars. What are all the BK haters going to say now that we know Burger King gives away packed pipes with its kid’s meals? That’s what you call taking customer service the extra mile. Only thing better than a flame-grilled burger is a flame grilled burger with a pipe packed full of weed. Mind you you’re probably already stoned if you’re eating Burger King.

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