Watch This Jaywalker Smash Into A Pole Whilst Staring A Driver Out


One of the most annoying things about driving anywhere is the fact that other road users are always doing things to carve you up and mess you around and whilst for the most part they’re usually safe, there’s always one or two out there that seem to go out of their way to kill your buzz.

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One of these people is featured in this story, but for once they’re actually getting their comeuppance rather than just prancing around like they own the place. The clip is taken from the dashcam of a driver in Hamilton, Ontario where a guy was crossing the road illegally and blatantly flaunting the traffic laws over there and to make matters even worse, he decided to stare down the driver of the car he was messing around whilst he was doing it.

The joke turned out to be on him though as he was so intent on trying to look like a badass that he ended up walking into a pole. Get a load of this (it’s at 3:45 if the video starts at the beginning for some reason):

Heh heh heh I get so smug watching that. Love the way that he just tries to brush it off like it’s no big deal and walk off, when he majorly knows that he’s been massively pied. Imagine how mortified he must be to know that it’s now a viral clip going around the internet. Must be fuming in his black ensemble he seems to be wearing in the middle of the summer.

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