This Old Man Fighting At McDonald’s Has Some Next Level Super Strength

Toughest old dude on the planet.

We’ve featured some badass old dudes on Sick Chirpse in the past — the 98-year-old who’s been smoking weed since 1936, for example, or the two 95-year-olds who competed in a thrilling 100 metre dash.

This dude right here though might be the most impressive old man of all. Finding himself outnumbered and on the verge of a humiliating beatdown in the middle of McDonald’s, he exhibits some next level superhuman abilities to block most of the attacks and not feel any pain whatsoever.

Check it out (hit the bottom right of each Vine for sound):


P.S. Crackhead coming in at the end wondering WTF just happened just makes the whole thing complete:

And now, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about The Most Ghetto McDonald’s In America.


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