Nine Policemen Arresting A Crying Teenager For Jaywalking Is Just A Bit Excessive

Not the greatest of looks for the cops.

If you don’t know what jaywalking is, it’s basically an illegal offence in America that involves you crossing the street while traffic is still incoming. Sounds pretty ridiculous and the kind of “crime” they’d just let you off for with a warning at most, right? Wrong.

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This video from California shows NINE cops arresting a black 16 year old kid and putting him onto the concrete while apparently arresting him for jaywalking:

So yeah, not a great look having a team of 9 cops rough up a skinny 16 year old just for crossing the street. I mean yeah he was resisting arrest and all this could have probably been avoided if he complied with the first cop, but at the end of the day what this video shows is 9 grown men manhandling a crying child. Should he have listened to the first policeman who spoke to him? Probably. But should that policeman have then called a small army to back him up? Probably not.

The good news (for the cops) is that they weren’t all white guys, so maybe we’ve avoided some riots with that one.

Still, not as bad as the cops over in Ukraine eh?


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