Woman Films Herself Walking Around New York For A Day; The Harassment She Gets Is Unreal

This is unbelievable.

Despite the best efforts of the dude who attached a hidden camera to his crotch and tried to expose women as perverts, we all know that women have it way worse when it comes to strangers ogling and cat-calling them in the street.

Do you have any real idea just how bad it is though? Check this out:

You might think some of these guys are just being friendly, and maybe they are, but put yourself in this girl’s shoes; what must it be like knowing you can’t get from A to B without someone mentioning or making a reference to your body? It’s nice to be complimented, but the sheer frequency and manner in which some of these lines are delivered just makes for uncomfortable vibes all round.

If you’re a girl looking for a great comeback to a cat call, try this on for size.


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