Wetherspoons Is Cutting Its Prices On September 19th For Tax Equality Day

See you at the bar.

Wetherspoons is already pretty much the cheapest pub out there, but it doesn’t hurt to make it even cheaper for a day does it?

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The time has come once again for the pub chain’s annual Tax Equality Day, where the price of everything on the menu is slashed by 7.5%. The idea behind this is to show how damaging VAT and business rates are to the hospitality industry, as all alcohol sold in pubs and restaurants is subject to a 20% VAT charge that isn’t applicable if you were to buy it from the supermarket.

Theoretically, if VAT was slashed then the savings could be passed onto the customer and this is what Tim Martin is trying to illustrate here with the Tax Equality Day initiative. This is what he had to say about it:

Pubs suffer a huger disadvantage, paying about 16 pence in business rates per pint versus about two pence for supermarkets.

In addition, there is a huge VAT inequality and unfairness.

A reduction in the level of VAT, on a long-term basis, will create a level playing field and generate growth and jobs in the important leisure and hospitality sector and help the high street, of which pubs are an integral part.

I mean all of that makes sense but I’m pretty sure that Martin would probably keep some of the savings and not pass it all on to the customer if that were to happen, even though he’s making out like he’s doing all of it for the consumer. Pull the other one mate, we weren’t born yesterday.

Certainly happy to rock up to Wetherspoons next week and save about a pound over the course of a night. Maybe buy some chips on the way home or something.

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