Someone Has Invented Mac And Cheese Flavoured Ice Cream

What is wrong with people?

I don’t really know why people keep making new ice cream flavours because I’m pretty sure that all the ones we have are perfectly acceptable and I’m pretty sure that nobody out there has been crying out for a mac and cheese flavour ice cream, but here we are.

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The new ice cream was launched on National Mac and Cheese day on Wednesday and comes from a collaboration between Kraft and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Incredibly, the ice cream proved massively popular and sold out of 2000 pints within an hour and then caused the website to crash because so many people were logging on and trying to buy a tub of the stuff.  Even more crazily, Van Leeuwen’s stores reported that its entire stock – 9,000 scoops – sold out within three hours. Who are these freaks?

‘Holes’ actor Khleo Thomas was one of the lucky characters to get his hands on a tub of the stuff and thankfully he decided to upload a video of his reaction to eating it on his Instagram:


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Yeah didn’t seem like he enjoyed it too much either did it? Really weird flex and it hasn’t made me want to buy it whatsoever. Hope all the weirdoes out there who were desperate for a tub managed to get their hands on one though. Freaks.

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