Mum Of The Year Arrested For Having Virtual Sex With Jailed Boyfriend In Front Of Child

Now that’s messed up.

A Florida woman is in hot water after a video call with her imprisoned boyfriend turned into a raunchy virtual sex session, prompting a criminal probe after it was discovered her young child was in the room at the same time.

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According to The Smoking Gun, Noelle Rascati, 32, engaged in a “virtual visit” with Tathan Fields, a 26-year-old locked up in Santa Rosa County jail. The duo’s video encounter allegedly “became extremely sexual.”

This is Tathan – currently serving a 15-year sentence on burglary and grand theft charges:

So far while incarcerated, Tathan has been charged with masturbating during a prison class taught by a female instructor and mailing ‘anthrax’ to a prosecutor’s office (both cases are pending). So yeah, not exactly a model inmate.

Anyway, during a police review of Tathan’s jailhouse calls, an investigator came across the March 25 video call between him and Noelle. In the video, Tathan was wearing an orange jumpsuit and “sitting in what appears to be a jail pod”. Noelle was dressed in a pink bathrobe and perched on her bed at home.

No problems there, except that as Noelle adjusted her camera at the call’s outset, a young boy could be seen standing next to the bed. The child remained in the bedroom during the duration of the 12:28 video. Which means the kid was in the room the entire time his mum was cyber sexing with her prison boyfriend.

Indeed, police say the pair first began “speaking in a sexual nature to each other” and then “began masturbating while watching each other”. Noelle, with her robe fully open, is seen retrieving a pink sex toy from her closet, which she then uses on herself “with her legs spread towards the camera.” Yikes!

While “exposing her entire nude body”, Noelle “continues to pleasure herself with an assortment of sex toys.” While she is doing this, the boy is seen stood next to the bed and walking in the background. Due to the nature of the video call, cops noted, Noelle’s computer screen “also displayed the view of Mr. Fields masturbating, which is easily seen” from the child’s perspective.

Noelle was charged with engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a minor and was freed from custody after posting $2000 bond. She’s scheduled for arraignment on May 18.

Not really much to add here as the fucked up nature of this story is as self-evident as it gets, but I will say that it’s pretty amazing that you can video call your girlfriend from prison and wank off undetected for 12 minutes. Is that just something they’re letting prisoners do during the coronavirus era? Virtual conjugal visits. The fact it resulted in a gross scenario like this one would actually be surprising if this wasn’t Florida we were talking about.

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