A Brothel Just Got Busted After A Shit Ton Of Condoms Clogged The Pipes

At least they were being safe.

A husband and wife have been accused of running a brothel posing as a massage parlour over in the US recently, after hundreds of condoms were found clogging up their sewage system.

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Last month police officers were sent to investigate Jade Massage Therapy after receiving information from the property’s management company that said they suspected that prostitutes had been working from there.

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The company said they became particularly suspicious after an industrial waste disposal unit was found clogged and destroyed by a sea of condoms.

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The tenants were listed as husband and wife Joseph Emery, 54, and Juan Wang, 49, and police discovered that just two days before their tip off, Wang was stopped at a nearby airport for carrying $30,000 in her hand luggage. Seems like these two were 100% running a brothel – and a pretty sophisticated one by the sounds of it.

And if that weren’t evidence enough, detectives discovered advertisements for the parlour on – a website used for selling sexual services. With all of this information, police officers stopped a couple of men coming out of the parlour, where they admitted to paying for sex. Clients would apparently pay between $40-120 on top of the $60 “massage” cost.


When the police took Wang and Emery in for questioning, apparently they both tried to blame each other. And who said romance is dead? The pair have both been charged with engaging in organised criminal activity and money laundering. Their trial awaits.

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I guess they’ve been foiled through their own faults. If you’re going to run an illegal brothel, don’t shove condoms into your sewage system and carry thousands of dollars in your hand luggage. That’s just asking for it.

Still, it’s nowhere near as bait as this brothel. What were they thinking?


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