The World’s First Robot-Powered Burger Restaurant Is Opening This Year

The future is upon us.

A robot-run burger joint is coming to San Francisco later this year, thanks to robotics start-up Momentum Machines who invented a device that can make a burger from start to finish.

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Here’s how it works:


Every aspect of the burger is customisable, from thickness to cook time to condiments. The machine takes up about 24 square feet and the tech blog Xconomy predicts it could save a restaurant $90,000 (£70,000) a year in training and salaries.

It will also obviously put vast numbers of people out of work, although Momentum Machines argues that their project will actually CREATE jobs by providing opportunities in restaurant management and technology development. Although that probably isn’t what a chef or cook wants to hear.


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The big thing to take from this though is that it’s another step into a new world where robots run shit. We already have the entire world at our fingertips thanks to our phones, we have self-driving cars, robot sex dolls, pizza-delivery robots and now robots making our burgers. It’s like we’re already living in the robot future and we haven’t quite realised it yet. Imagine what things will be like in another 20, 50, 100 years?

Let’s see if one of these machines can make a Nelson’s Column Burger though – a 10,500 calorie masterpiece.


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