Introducing The ‘Nelson’s Column Burger’ – A 10,500 Calorie Masterpiece

Nelson's Column Burger Featured

Has burger porn gone too far with this one?

Novelty burgers and other food items seem to feature on Sick Chirpse every other week now – who can forget the Fifty Shades Of Bacon Burger, the Yorkshire Pudding Burger or the Pizzaburger – but this burger concoction may finally have taken it too far.

It’s called the ‘Nelson’s Column Burger’ and is 10,500 calories and £30’s worth of pure carnage. I mean just take a look at it – it’s over a foot tall for Christ’s sake:

Nelson's Column Burger

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Here’s what you’re actually dealing with, alongside a handy little diagram to help you:

–  Three 8oz beef burgers
–  Five super-sized onion rings
–  Lashings of BBQ sauce
–  Twelve rashers of streaky bacon
–  Six slices of mature cheddar
–  Two brioche buns smothered in home-made mayonnaise
–  One iceberg lettuce
– One giant beef tomato
– A pound of chips
– 500g of coleslaw
– Four gherkins

Nelson's Column Burger Breakdown

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It’s available at the Lord Nelson pub in Brighton if you fancy taking it on. I really think they’ve gone too far this time though because there’s no way that this burger would even be fun to eat – it would just be a giant mess and would probably go all over your table and the floor, let alone the trendy wooden serving tray.


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