This Is The World’s Tiniest Mobile Phone – And It’s Very Popular With Prisoners



The Zanco Fly is said to be the world’s smallest mobile phone – with a tiny 0.66-inch screen.

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Unsurprising, the phones are proving to be very popular among the prison population, because they’re way easier to hide inside your butt hole than an iPhone or any other phone is.

One review on Amazon says it all:

Very small and easy to hide.

Put it up my butt with no problem.

Former prison inmate Carl Cattermole, who greated a guide to prison survival at, said that smuggled phones were ‘everywhere’ in prison:

Things like iPhones are rare in prison. Most phones go up a bum at some point or another, so fuck an iPhone 6 Plus, or, rather, don’t.

You’d look like Spongebob Squarepants: a rectangle with limbs hanging off. Having said that, I knew a dwarf who plugged a Blackberry.

However, the owner of a company selling The Zanco Fly advises against sticking them up your butt:

If someone rang me and said, “I’m going to put one of these up my arsehole,” I’d say don’t. I’ve heard of people saying they’ve had some of these small phones on charge and they’ve blown up.


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What is this? A phone for ants? Nope – just a phone for prisoners to stick up their butts so they contact their friends on the outside while they’re locked up. Clearly there’s a market for that. I wonder if the prison population was part of the business plan from the beginning though? Surely the only reason you’d make a phone this small is for people who want to hide them. Though I’m sure there are also prisoners who are very happy keeping iPhone 6+s inside themselves too. Horses for courses.

To watch a man over in South Africa demonstrate how to escape from prison in 30 seconds, click HERE.



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