Microsoft Just Sent The Most Cringeworthy Email Of All Time Inviting Interns To Party

Microsoft Party

Trying to get down with the kids and failing miserably.

I think it’s kind of important for tech organisations to be down with the kids as they’re probably going to be marketing most of their products to that demographic, but this latest attempt by Microsoft is downright laughable and could quite easily be described as the most cringeworthy email of all time, as it tries and fails to use as many ‘hip pop culture terms’ as possible.

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The email comes from a Microsoft recruiter who is inviting interns to an afterparty for the Internapalooza event in San Francisco on July 11th, which also featured Google and Snapchat. I guess it’s some kind of event where you try and score a summer internship at a tech company.

Anyway, obviously the guys at Microsoft were desperate to get the nerdiest people there at their afterparty because they used the kind of language that nobody that actually wanted to have a good time would ever think about employing. Check it out:

Ewww. It just reeks of someone old who isn’t cool trying to act like they’re cool doesn’t it? It’s almost like they ran it through a Google translate app from ‘lame’ to ‘cool’ words, because we all know those translate apps never work that well do they?

After the letter went viral on social media, Microsoft issued the following apology:

The email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company.

We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it.

Lol. Way to backtrack on your hip young email granddads. That’s only going to make you look like even bigger dorks. Probably best for Microsoft just to give up and leave the future to people like Facebook and Snapchat.

Here’s another example of an absolutely terrible email, this time from a student to his college professor.


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