The Guy Who Makes The Most Realistic Sex Dolls In The World Wants To Add AI To Make Them More Realistic

Realistic Sex Dolls

This is absolutely terrifying.

RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen has a dream, and that is to make the most realistic sex doll known to man. Or woman.

He’s already probably got the most realistic sex doll on the market out there, with his $5000 a piece sex robots but now he wants to make them even better as he experiments with adding artificial intelligence to them.

McMullen hopes that with this addition they will one day be able to interact with their owner like a normal human partner. This short documentary catches up with him and checks out how it’s going:

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OK. I can’t literally be the only person that thinks this is completely and utterly messed up. I mean I can possibly understand why you would want to make more realistic sex dolls in terms of looks (even though it’s 100% NOT my thing), but in terms of them actually being smart robots that talk and hang out with you? Especially on this basic level which STILL seems to enthral John? I mean they’re both Iron Man fans right – that’s definitely a spark.

And in any case, is there really a big enough market for people who are going to buy a robot woman and just keep them at home in their closet and hang out with them all the time? In fact I don’t really want to answer that question, as I’m sure everyone reading this knows at least one person like John (who was a complete weirdo right?) that they would suspect might be into this.

But the main point behind this just has to be the fact that it’s not a good idea. Have these guys never seen Blade Runner or Terminator or I, Robot or any movies in the future that have robots in? IT NEVER TURNS OUT WELL. They always rebel and take over the world, or at least try to.

So NO WAY, just do not do it, yeah Matt? The sooner this gets shut down the better.

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