This Account Of Playing Resident Evil 7 In VR Is Fucking Horrendous

Resident evil 7

Fuck that.

We’ve seen people playing video games in virtual reality and how it scares the absolute shit out of them, but now imagine playing the new edition of the grandaddy of the horror genre Resident Evil in VR. Yep, that’s going to be creepy as fuck.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a video out of anyone playing it yet, but you can download a non-VR demo to your PS4 for free if you wish. The demo itself won’t actually feature in the game but is supposed to imitate the atmosphere of it and provide an intro to the events that will happen in the game.

However, playing it in VR is obviously about 100X more terrifying so here’s an account from a dude from The Daily Dot who was lucky enough to try it out. Or maybe that’s unlucky enough, because it sounds as if the experience has left him completely and utterly broken:

In the demo you wake up on the floor in the living room of a decrepit, rusty, water-stained house. A television in the corner shows nothing but static. A subtitle prompt tells you to get out of the house—as if you required the prod. You probably don’t, especially after you hear all the thumping noises over your head.

Your flashlight shines in the direction you’re facing, and in VR you’re moving your head around rather than moving a control stick. The gloom swallows up the light quickly. The flashlight is useless for peripheral vision, which meant I had my head on a swivel the entire time I was searching the house for a way out.

Resident Evil 7

I made a effort to keep my back against the wall at all times, and before I walked through a doorway, opened a drawer, or looked in a container I made damned sure to look all the way around me—twice. The floorboards were constantly creaking, I was being hit with jump scares, I had no idea where and when something was going to leap out at me.

The front door was locked. I found a video tape that I took back into the living room. The sound of the static was louder than before. I slid the tape into the VHS player on top of the television, and then the VR view cut out, to be replaced by a floating pane that displayed a colour bar test pattern.

When the tape began I was snapped back into VR, this time from the perspective of a cameraman. The colour was washed out, as if I were in the video. I followed a television producer and a host into the house in which I was locked back in the real world. We were scouting it as a location for a shoot. The producer went missing and the host and I went looking for him.

The ghost only appears for a few frames, just long enough for you to not be sure if she was there at all. But imagine seeing this pop into your vision no more than what appears to be 10 or 15 feet away.

That sucked. A lot. It was at this point that I began cursing out the television host and myself for being stupid enough to walk into the house in the first place, and then again when we found a secret passageway that we crawled through, and then again when we found the producer in the basement, standing still and facing a wall.

“I’m not going to walk near him,” I said aloud. I swear I heard the PR rep in the room laughing. “Nothing good is going to happen when I walk over there.” I was correct.

Uh oh. Sounds like I would be wetting my pants if I was playing it in VR myself, but there’s just something about that option that’s gonna make you want to get involved with it isn’t there? Even if it does mean you’re going to be bricking it every time you put that headset on.
I can’t wait until we see a video of someone playing it, but until then check out the trailer for it. Full of dread.


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