Watch This Woman Get So Scared Playing A VR Zombie Game That She Has To Bail

Girl Scared Oculus Rift


VR headsets are the next advancement in video game technology and they look completely awesome because they allow you to become fully immersed in the world of the video game that you’re playing.

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However, although that does sound completely awesome, you’ve also got to make sure that you’re going to be able to handle the game that you’re playing and not be a complete pussy about it. Unfortunately, that’s a trait that not everyone in the world possesses, as you can see by this video.

In it, some girl is playing a game called The Brookhaven Experiments for the first time. That game is all about a zombie apocalypse, so as you can imagine it’s shit scary and involves a load of zombies jumping out and trying to kill you. This poor woman gets so spooked by it that she actually has to stop playing the game:

Geez, that was stressful just watching it – I’m not surprised she had to stop playing it considering how freaked out she was. I mean I used to get kind of scared just playing Doom and Quake back in the day when all the monsters were coming at you, but imagine what it’s like when you’re fully immersed and they’re actually coming at you. Quite frankly, it’s probably going to make you shit your pants.

I’ve got to get myself one after seeing this. Not only just for games like this, but also to check out that virtual reality porn, obviously.


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